Professor Margarita lives in a large modern cedar log cabin across the street from a wildlife refuge. The scenery is beautiful, and the house is lovely and welcoming. The house has a big open feel, with the comfortable spaces for guests and American friends to hang out, talk, play and sing music, dance, play games, read, or just listen to people speaking English. There is wireless internet all throughout the property. See more photos.


There are 10 sleeping spaces in the guest rooms at the Noyes house. It is set up so that people share rooms, but each person has their own space. Remember, this is a home, not a hotel, so the rooms are all different, but they are all comfortable and convenient.

Conference Center

There’s also a Conference Center that Professor Margarita renovated on her property for Professor Olavo to use for his classes. The Conference Center has 16 beds in various bunk rooms for overflow housing. At any given time in the year you will find Noyes kids, friends, and long-term guests living in these rooms and studying in the comfortable conference classroom. Smoking is permitted in that building.


Meals at the Noyes home are never very formal. Everybody seems to like to eat different foods at a different times. So guests and family alike are free to use the kitchen to cook meals any time they want (but they must remember to clean up after themselves!) Everybody is very polite and lots of meals are shared when guests and family happen to be hungry at the same time. Professor Margarita tries to keep a full pantry of easily prepared foods handy in the kitchen at all times.


There’s a full kitchen, 4 full bathrooms, washer and drier for laundry, wireless internet, lots of desks, tables and sofas, books and games galore, a ping-pong table, a piano, lot’s of other musical instruments, 2 big dogs…. everything you would expect in a private home. Read more information, or apply for ESL Immersion now!