We welcome guests to come to America to visit our family and practice English! During your visit, you will be treated as a family member, participating in the daily activities of our house such as studying, socializing, and housework. Each week we offer at least three opportunities for live participation in Lessons OnLine classes, as well as a variety of other activities in which guests can participate. Because we do not follow a scheduled program, this is a great place for self-study – with Margarita as a ready reference. This is a great chance to practice English and interact with other guests and friends of the family. You will have the opportunity to shop, explore the region (including tourism in Washington, DC!) and hang out with American friends. You can also attend lectures by Professor Olavo and personally interact with him and his family. If you come, you must obey the rules of the house. We try to keep the environment free from vulgar language and media, alcohol, illicit drugs and sex outside marriage. We are Christians and we want our home to glorify God. Read more about the Noyes home.

Additional Info

You may come for one, two, three, or four months. The cost of room and board is $1500.00 per month, half of the costs to be paid to me through PayPal before the guest arrives in the United States, and the other half payable in cash upon arrival. See Pricing for more information.

You should also bring money for restaurants, tourism, and shopping.

The guest will be responsible for arranging his/her own airfare to Richmond International Airport in Richmond, Virginia, and will also be responsible for obtaining a tourist visa (not a student visa). Officially, you will come as a visitor and tourist, not as a student in a formal program. If you mention that you are coming to “study”, your visa application will be changed to student, and put on hold forever, because we cannot send the kind of documentation necessary to obtain a student visa.  Many guests have encountered delays in the visa process, so if you’re interested in coming here, I recommend you start the visa process as soon as possible. I can send you a letter of invitation to show to immigration to prove that you are coming here.

Applying to Come

If you want to come, please fill out the application form to apply. A registration fee of $10 (ten dollars), paid through Pay-Pal must be paid for the registration form to be delivered to me. Many guests are still expressing interest in coming, but we can only invite a few, so sign up only if you have a real and serious intention of coming if you are invited.  People who already have a visa will be given preference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

See pricing info, or click here to apply!