The Full Immersion ESL Hostel costs $1500.00 per month per person. This includes Room, Board, and Tuition, but does not include Transportation, Technology, or Tourism. The fee for transportation to/from the airport is $60.00. See “Extra Costs” below for more details. Payment may be made by PayPal, or in cash, with half of the cost to be paid in advance, and the rest payable upon arrival. See more information or apply now.

Extra Costs

Transportation. Transportation is necessary during your stay. The cost for transportation to and from the airport is $60.00, unless you arrange your own ride. You will also need to rent a car on an occasional basis for shopping and tourism.

Technology.  A personal computer and mp3 player really help you with your English studies here.  These are very cheap to purchase in the United States, so many students purchase them when they arrive.  (Note: It is not a requirement that you purchase a computer, just a recommendation.)

Tourism.  Students should bring money for restaurants, museum fees, movies, and lodging for weekend trips.  Also, many students like to shop here and bring home gifts for family and friends.  Certain things that are expensive abroad are very cheap in the United States.

Pro-Rata Rates

Generally guests pay on a Calendar Month basis, which can include anywhere from 25 to 31 days depending on which month and when the guest arrives and departs. If guests wish to stay for an additional part of a month, their bill can be determined weekly or daily according to the following rates:

  • 1 month — $1500.00 (not to exceed 31 days)
  • 1 week — $375.00 (not to exceed 7 days)
  • 1 Day — $60.00

Half payment for the intended period must be paid in advance (refundable, except for PayPal fees, until 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival time). The balance must be paid in full when the guest arrives, and will not be recalculated or refunded if the guest leaves unexpectedly, or is away from the home for tourism or travel (for example, if the guest takes a weekend to go to DC, or a few days to visit their family). If the guest wishes to extend his stay, the extra time can be calculated and paid as soon as the arrangements are made.

Margarita works most of the time, and is not available to hang out with guests for much of the day.  Guests  may study from Margarita’s personal resource library, interact with whoever is around, and sit in on classes that are being taught or recorded for Lessons OnLine.  If time permits, Margarita will go through a book with guests and  assist with the guest’s self study activities.  Guests are encouraged to be as independent as possible during their immersion visit.

ESL Immersion and FAMILIES

Margarita loves children.  If you want to bring your family, she will do everything in her power to make it work out for you.  However, be aware that the house is not safe for unsupervised young children – there are stairs and big dogs and other hazards.  Young children must be supervised at all times if you bring them.

Here are the prices:

  • Babies (under 2 years of age) are free.
  • Children age 2 to 11 (accompanied by parents) $400.00 per month.
  • Teens (accompanied by parents) age 12 to 17, $1200.00 per month.
  • Teens unaccompanied by parents are full price, $1500.00 per month.  This house is a good place for teens to come and study long-term.
  • Price accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis for families sharing a single room.  Please ask if this is something you need.


Read more commonly asked questions in the FAQ, or apply now!