ESL Immersion Program Description

The Full Immersion ESL Hostel offers a unique opportunity for guests to live with the teacher in an American family and practice English in the context of Life.  Here is how it started, and how it works.

About Professor Margarita

Professor Margarita Noyes earned a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 1988. For the next 20 years she taught a variety of courses to internationals and Americans through her home school. In 2008 she became the English tutor to Olavo De Carvalho, a well-known Brazilian philosopher. Olavo liked to study English in the context of literature, rather than using a grammar-based method, and this appealed to Professor Margarita. Since many of Olavo’s students wanted to learn English, Olavo and Margarita decided to collaborate on English for Philosophy Students. This is an ongoing class that companions with Olavo’s online Philosophy Course.

Eventually people who wanted to visit Olavo and practice English began coming to stay with Professor Margarita, and the Full Immersion ESL Hostel began in January of 2011.

How It Works

This is how it works. Guests apply to come, and if invited, they enter the country as a tourist.  In the Noyes home they pursue their own personal language study with the help of the teacher while hanging out with American friends and living as a member of the family. The students are invited to sit in on the classes the teacher is preparing for the Lessons OnLine Website, and on days that Margarita is not making online classes, she will meet with the students for private class.  When not in class (which is most of the time) students are encouraged to pursue their own studies and practice their English with the fascinating people that are often present in the home.

The Noyes Home

The Noyes home is a lively place to live, with people of all nationalities coming and going and doing fun things all the time. The four Noyes children, all young adults now, were homeschooled their entire lives, and the home has an inquisitive intellectual feel. It’s a great place for self-motivated people to come and study. Read more about the Noyes home or view a photo slideshow.

The final thing that should be mentioned in a description of this program is that Professor Margarita is a deep and profound Christian, and the Noyes house is a Christian home. This means three things to the guest who visits: First, it means safety for moral guests who don’t wish to get drunk, take drugs, or hook up sexually during their visit to America.  Second, it translates into wonderful conversations, since the Noyes house is a place where any question can be asked, and no one is rejected for their beliefs. And finally, it means Welcome. Love of the stranger, hospitality, and an Open Door are all central to the heart of God, and the Noyes family has a gift for opening their hearts and home to new friends. You will never meet nicer, more loving people than the family and friends of Professor Margarita. Come, study, and see.

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