Leilah Carvalho

“My parents, my brother and I have always a great time with Margarita and the family and I can say, without exaggeration, that they have become my best friends in the United States… Margarita and the whole family are really special people.”
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Lúcia de Fátima Junqueira

“Since Margarita began this experience I have traveled twice to her house, in January and May 2011. I liked it so much that I intend to return again and again. The house is big and beautiful, the atmosphere is great and there is a lot of respect for the individuality of its guests. I recommend.”

André Frantz

“I had found not only an excellent English tutor but an entire family of traditional Americans whose moral principles and values could be seen in their kindness to others and harmony of life. I was impressed how fast I was learning English at the very moment I was having fun with people who today have become very special friends in America.”

Lucas Mendes

“What impressed me most in the first English class was not only what I learned of the language, but the incredible history lesson of the founding of the country that the teacher Margarita gave through the study of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Professor Margarita has a unique teaching talent. It was revealing and exciting.”

Edson Lorencetti

“Professor Margarita’s house is a great place to study and socialize with other people… I’m amazed by the beauty all around, and the adorable people of admirable character that I meet through the Noyes family every day. I have memories and friendships here that I’ll carry forever in my heart.”
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Eduardo Gaio

“I’m a doctor and medical university professor in Brazil. Those days in your company were great and inspired me a lot. Because of that experience, I decided to apply to the University of California, San Diego. They accepted me for one year, and now I’m studying with the most important professors in respiratory physiology. I have to thank you for the opportunity to stay at your home!”