What else is there to do in the area?

Richmond VA photo by Flickr user kelkeonwinProf. Margarita lives 20 minutes south of Richmond, which is the capital of Virginia.  There are tons of fun options for visitors on a budget. See some here.

Virginia is full of opportunities for tourists to experience living history.  For example, one hour east of the teacher’s home is Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, and Yorktown.

These are terrific places to visit to see and feel and smell what it was like to be alive in the Colonial Period.  All over Virginia you can find opportunities to do historical tourism.

There are theme parks for fun and excitement. Busch Gardens, Water Country, Kings Dominion, and more are all in easy driving distance of the Noyes home.

Best of all, Prof. Margarita lives just 2 hours south of Washington DC. Her parents and extended family live around the city. Guests have often made trips to the city, and sometimes they can stay overnight with Prof. Margarita’s family and friends, thus getting a chance to see another American home, and practice English with more native speakers. Sometimes the family and friends come into the city with the guests. It’s lots of fun.

If you would like help planning to make the most of your tourist time and money, the teacher has a friend who has a business helping internationals.  One of her services is planning outings.  Contact her directly for details of her service, and for prices.  Her name is Tanya Griffith, and her email address is juiceplusbenefits@hotmail.com.  Many guests have had a very good time working with her to plan a great visit.

In addition to great educational tourism, the teacher lives in easy distance of some of the most amazing outlet shopping malls around. You will have to see the prices to believe them. Come with a little extra cash and have a ball.

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