10 Reasons to Choose This Program

1.  You are a student of Olavo de Carvalho and want to study English using his methods and materials, and want to visit him and his family and friends while you are in America.

2.  You don’t have $6000.00/month to spend on a traditional Immersion program.

3.  The idea of being picked up at the airport and having a hassle-free all-inclusive stay with a family appeals to you more than the idea of renting an apartment and living “on your own” while studying.

4.  You want less academic structure and more freedom to feel like a tourist and a vacationer while you practice your English.

5.  You value meeting new American friends more than formal language study.  You believe your English will improve more from being used in meaningful conversation with native speakers than from studying in a school with other non-native speakers.

6.  You really care about philosophy, literature, and religion, and you never (or almost never) meet anyone as passionate about these things as you are, and you would move mountains to get to hang out with people like yourself.

7.  You want to see what life is really like in the United States, because you have always wondered if it might be a good idea to move there.

8.   You are a little interested in Homeschooling.  You would like to ask a few questions about that and see for yourself how it looks and feels, although of course (hee hee) you would never consider doing it with your own children.

9.  Your English is pretty good, and you would like to refine the speaking and listening aspect by talking about great books with other intelligent and interesting people.

10.  You are a student of Margarita Noyes in English for Philosophy Students and you like her style.  You want to meet the family for yourself and find out if it is really as nice there as it seems to be.

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