About English for Philosophy Students

English for Philosophy Students was a course inspired by the work of Olavo de Carvalho when he wanted his students to read a difficult philosophy text which was not yet translated into Portuguese.

Olavo teaches in his courses that anybody could learn anything if sufficiently motivated by the content. Most students get sick of English classes because they don’t care to forever study the vocabulary of ordinary life and travel. They want to pursue ideas and concepts that set their hearts on fire. But where do you find a language class for that?

English for Philosophy Students rests on the concept that you learn more by USING language than by studying it. When Olavo wanted to perfect his spoken English, he hired Margarita Noyes to come and read philosophy with him. She clarified complicated grammatical structures, modeled the pronunciation of technical vocabulary, and explained fine shades of connotative meaning. These kinds of clarifications are not easy to find in a standard dictionary or grammar book.

Margarita Noyes is a pronunciation specialist, so her spoken english is remarkably clear and easy for internationals to understand. Her pace of speech is just right to bridge the gap from a reading knowledge of english to an understanding of spoken english. Her classes are warm and engaging, and the books are interesting to students who care about conservative values and classical conservative thought. The weekly live classes are interactive. You can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

There is an extensive archive library of classes Margarita taught in the past. More archives will be uploaded for the library in the weeks to come.

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